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Please feel free to contact us if you have any question regarding to our service and process of the projects.


  1. What is the first step?

    Call or email us.  We’ll set up a time to come out to your home and go over what exactly you want to do to improve your home.

  2. Do I need an architect?

    Most of the time you will not need an architect. Kitchens, bathrooms, basements, decks and other exterior projects usually do not need an architect. Larger projects, however, often times do. If you are looking to put on an addition or do major structural framing you will need to refer to an architect. If that is the case you can find one on your own or we can refer one to you.

  3. We have a plan, what's next?

    If there is an architectural plan, we will present you a bid based on the plan.  We will work with you and your designer, if you have one, to meet the best outcome for your project.

  4. The bid looks great, when do we start?

    Before any work begins we will present and go over our contract with the client. Once the contract is signed by us and the client we set up a start date. Prior to any work being done we will often times be doing some prep work such as having dumpsters delivered, posting permits, and sometimes having additional meetings with sub-contractors at the site.

  5. Do I need to do anything before the project begins?

    Yes. You will need to begin the selection process. You will need to select cabinets, plumbing

    fixtures, flooring or whatever the project requires. We will let you know what and by when you need to

    select the items to complete the project.

  6. Who will be in my home every day?

    One of the two owners of Verus Builders will work as a lead carpenter on your project. A lead carpenter’s job is to complete all the carpentry, framing, trim and other. Along with the carpentry the lead carpenter will also coordinate schedules and assist the various subcontractors, required to complete your project. He will be responsible for the daily communication with the client.

  7. What can I expect once work begins?

     Our first step is to set up dust control and isolate the workspace from the rest of the house the best we can. Once the dust control has been set up we begin the demolition. After every day of work we will clean up and leave the workspace clean and free of debris. We will be in daily communication with the client to update progress and go over any decisions that need to be made.

  8. When do I make payments?

    We require a builder’s deposit of 10 percent of the total cost of the project prior to work beginning. That deposit will be credited to the last invoice. Throughout the project we will issue progress invoices. They are usually one every other week but we will not issue more than one per week.

  9. Are there city inspections?

    Yes. Depending on the scope of the project there may be multiple inspections that range from

    structural, electrical, and final to name a few. The purpose of the inspections is to insure that we and

    our crew of subcontractors are completing all of our work to meet or exceed federal and state code. The

    homeowner is always welcome to be present and ask questions during any of the multiple inspections.

  10. Are there city inspections?

    One of the last things we do is have final inspections. That is when the city closes out the permits and the project is complete in their eyes. If there are not any odds and ends to take care we are all done and you are free to enjoy your new space for years to come.

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